Annual or Perennial?

What is the Difference Between Annual Perennial Biennial Flowers How Long Do The Plants Live and How Soon Will The Plants Flower

Is that flower an annual, perennial, biennial? Define your terms! Which one(s) are you planting in your flower garden this year? Does it matter? Of course it matters!

What is an Annual Flower:

An annual grows from seed and blooms and sets seed and then dies in just one growing season. Petunia and marigold are examples of flowers widely grown as annuals. Annuals need to be replanted each spring. Most annuals bloom continuously from spring through fall.

What is a Perennial Flower:

A perennial flower lives for three or more seasons. It may or may not be mature enough to bloom the first year from seed. (Hint: P is for Permanent and for Perennial). Perennials will need periodic rejuvenation and/or replacement, typically every three to five years. Most perennials bloom for only a short period — a week or two or three — once a year.


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